How to get from the airport to Amsterdam Central Bed & Breakfast

From Schiphol Airport take a train to Amsterdam Central Station (takes 15 minutes approx.) From the Central Railway Station it is only a 5 minute walk to Amsterdam Central b&b.


Coming out from the main entrance of the Central Station, you will see the Victoria Hotel. Next to the hotel is a street leading into the city, the streetname is "Damrak" (streetname sign is on the wall of the hotel).

Walking down this street you see a small harbour/canal on your left hand side. After a few hundred metres this harbour ends. At the end of the harbour there is a small street to the left, this is the Oudebrugsteeg.

Walking down this street you will surely notice the pub the Grasshopper in front of you on the left side of the street. Just a few houses after that also on the left side you will find a door with housenumber 6.

This is our entrance (There is no hotel sign or anything, so do not look for that). Use the top bell (It reads: A.C.B.B.) and we will open the door for you. (If you get lost on your way here, just call us and we will guide you).

Amsterdam Central Bed and Breakfast
address: Oudebrugsteeg 6-II, Amsterdam
phone from outside the Netherlands: +31(0)6 244 575 93
phone from within the Netherlands: 06 244 575 93